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By Anumaggie | May 08, 2022 09:08 PM

In Chennai, the murder of a businessman and his wife by the driver who worked at the house for jewelery and money has shocked many.

Chennai Police arrests driver who attacked auditor and his wife

Srikanth (age 58) hails from Mylapore, Chennai. An entrepreneur, he runs a computer company in Gujarat. His wife was Anuradha (53). Their daughter Sunanda is married and lives in the United States. Srikanth owns a farm house in Mahabalipuram.

Chennai Police arrest Driver who attacked Auditor Couple


Srikanth - Anuradha's son-in-law and daughter lives in the United States. The two went to the US last November to see them. In between, Srikanth returned to India in March alone and returned to the United States. At that time, it seems that Srikanth was involved in money laundering as a matter of land. Madan Lal Krishnan, Srikanth's driver, came to know about this and planned to rob him of the money.

Krishnan and Anuradha returned to India on May 7. The couple's daughter, Sunanda, has been in the US to find out if her parents have returned home. However, she suspected that something is wrong when her parents did not pick up the phone inspite several calls and informed the Chennai Police Commissioner's Office.

Chennai Police arrest Driver who attacked Auditor Couple


Based on the information provided by Sunanda, Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal has ordered the Mylapore police to visit the spot. So the police officers who went to the house were shocked to see that there was blood stain there. Following Sunanda's, the police tracked down Krishnan's phone number and revealed that he was in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh.

Cops catches the thief

Following this, the Tamil Nadu police arrested both Krishnan and his friend Ravi Roy with the help of the Andhra police. Their investigation revealed that the two had murdered Srikanth and Anuradha and buried their bodies at a farm house owned by Srikanth.

According to police, the duo had planned to rob Srikanth's house of Rs 20 lakh in cash, gold jewelery and silverware. Police also said they stole a CCTV camera from the house to avoid getting caught.

Chennai Police arrest Driver who attacked Auditor Couple

According to the Tamil Nadu Police, the two had planned to catch themselves if they went to Nepal with the looted money and jewelery and had earlier arrested the two along with the Andhra Pradesh Police.

In Chennai, the incident in which a businessman and his wife were killed for money and jewelery has shocked the people of the area.



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