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By Anumaggie | May 03, 2022 09:30 PM

Dinesh Ram hails from Lakshmipur village in Motihari district of Bihar.

Bihar woman lived with lover while husband is in jail for her murder

He was last married to a woman named Shanti Devi in ​​2016. Shanti Devi, who has been married for about six years, suddenly disappeared last month.

In such a situation, Shanti Devi's father Yogendra Yadav had come to Dinesh Ram's house to see his daughter.

Missing daughter ..

Yogendra Yadav was shocked to learn that his daughter was not there then. Not only that, he had also lodged a complaint with the police against his son-in-law Dinesh. In a complaint to the police, he said, "My daughter married Dinesh Ram in 2016 but on April 19, I received information that she was nowhere to be found. I went to her in-laws' house and checked but in vain.

Last year, my daughter was tortured for dowry as her in-laws had demanded a motorbike and Rs 50,000 cash," said Yogendra Yadav in his complaint. Meanwhile, it was reported that Shanti Devi might have been killed.

Police search hunt

The police accepted the complaint and arrested Dinesh Ram and remanded him in custody. On the other hand, the police went down in an attempt to find Shanti's body. To this end, they have decided to track the whereabouts of the mobile phone used by Shanti Devi.

Returned wife

Then, it was revealed that the mobile signal was in the Jalandhar area of ​​the state of Punjab. Subsequently, when the police went to Jalandhar and conducted a search hunt, it came to light that Shanti Devi was alive. Police also found out where she lived. Similarly, the police came to know that Shanti Devi was living with her boyfriend.

After this, the police brought Shanti Devi to Bihar and are continuing to interrogate her. Not only that, the police are reportedly questioning the veracity of the complaint lodged by Yogendra Yadav.

The incident in which the wife pretended to be dead while her husband was arrested in the name of killing his wife is shocking.


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