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By Anumaggie | May 09, 2022 09:28 PM

The shocking news about the driver's plan in the Chennai couple's death case has been unveiled.

Chennai elderly couple death case, driver arrested

Srikanth (age 65) and his wife Anuradha (age 60) lived in the Dwarka Colony area of ​​Mylapore, Chennai. Srikanth had been running a private IT company in Gujarat. He had also been an auditor. Their son and daughter are working as doctors in the United States. Both husband and wife had been living with their daughter in the US state of California for the past 6 months as their daughter is one month pregnant.

In this situation, Padamlal Krishna (45) from Nepal, who was working as a car driver, took the couple home after returning to Chennai by plane early yesterday morning. He and his friend Ravi (age 39) then attacked and killed the couple, stole jewelery and money from the house and tried to flee to Nepal.

Following this, a team led by Mylapore Police Inspector Ravi was formed to investigate the complaint. The police then detected Padamlal Krishna and Ravi fleeing to Andhra Pradesh through their mobile signal and caught them, informing the customs posts on their way to Andhra Pradesh and the police stations in Andhra Pradesh.

The accused also gave details of the photo and car number of Padamlal Krishna and Ravi to the Andhra Pradesh police. Following this, the Andhra Pradesh police recovered their car near Ongole. Tamil Nadu police immediately rushed to Andhra Pradesh, arrested them and brought them to Chennai. They also confiscated gold, diamond jewelery and cash from them.

During the ensuing interrogation, driver Krishna had earlier said that Srikanth and Anuradha had Rs 40 crore in cash for selling a plot of land they owned. Padamlal Krishna had plotted several months ago to rob him of that money.

In this situation, driver Padamlal Krishna brought Srikanth and Anuradha home from the airport early yesterday morning by car. Ravi and Padamlal Krishna, who were already at home, hit Srikanth on the head with a truncheon from the back while he was on his way to the first floor. Following this, Anuradha was also attacked. Both were injured and died tragically.

Chennai elderly couple death case, driver arrested

Following this, the police collected more than Rs 8 crore worth of gold jewelery, silverware, diamond earrings and platinum bracelets from the house. The driver poured Dettol and washed the place where the incident took place. The two victims were later found asleep in the back seat of a car, brought to Srikanth's farm house in Nemilicherry and buried.

The police investigation also revealed that Padamlal Krishna, who knew about the arrival of the two from the United States, had dug a pit at the farm house a week ago to bury the two and covered it with mud. The incident in which a car driver killed a homeowner for the sake of jewelry and money has come as a shock.




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