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By Dharani | Aug 03, 2019 02:08 PM

Tamil Nadu Consumer Forum has ordered popular restaurant-chain Saravana Bhavan to pay Rupees 1.10lakh to one of its customers over a food poisoning incident that took place in 2014.

Saravana Bhavan ordered to pay 1.10lakh to customer

The customer, SK Saamy, reportedly went to Anna Salai Branch of Saravana Bhavan in 2014. He found a hair in his food and complained to the branch manager following which he was provided with an exchange of his order. However, Saamy claimed that he was later hospitalized due to severe stomach pain and vomiting and cited the outlet as responsible.

He filed a petition regarding the same in Consumer forum demanding Rupees 60lakh from the hotel for serving unhygienic food and 30lakh in addition for the mental agony he went through. He also submitted his medical reports as an evidence. The hotel on the other side claimed that no other customer who had food at that outlet on that particular day experienced such thing. It also highlighted that the Madras High Court and the National Human Rights Commission had dismissed Saamy’s previous petitions.

Upon hearing both the sides, the Counsumer forum found Saravana Bhavan liable and so it directed the hotel to pay Rupees 1.10lakh to Saamy.