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By S Vikram | Nov 04, 2019 03:52 PM

The increasing effect of hazardous air pollution has been posing a serious threat to the lives of people in Delhi. While the Supreme court has issued direct orders to the central government to take immediate actions, reports started surfacing on the carryover of the air to Chennai.

Risky Delhi air pollution may or may not affect TN, Chennai

Popular online weather report analyst, Tamil Nadu Weatherman has posted a detailed report on his facebook page regarding the risks of Delhi polluted air being circulated to Tamil Nadu including Chennai.

"The hazy and polluted air which is choking Delhi and North India last one week will be pushed towards entire East coast of India including Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu next week," says the report.

Further, it is said that 'Stubble burning' by farmers in Haryana and Punjab to be the major cause of pollution. Though Chennai is likely at risk, it is said that the North-East Monsoon would protect the pollution in Tamil Nadu including Chennai.

According to the latest report by Regional Meteorological Centre Chennai (RMCC), Tamil Nadu is likely to receive rainfall for the next 2 days. While the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu would get rainfall due to convection, hazy clouds could be expected in the capital city Chennai. Further, the RMCC report states that hazardous Delhi air pollution will not be carried forward to Chennai.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court issued a statement saying that "If the air pollution is not controlled in Delhi, a severe existential crisis would be created for the native people. The central and state government should work together to bring the situation under control without blaming each other". 

A simple overview of the above two reports suggests that Chennai may or may not get affected by the dangerous air pollution from Delhi and it totally depends on the presence or absence of the North-East Monsoon.

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