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By Saradha | May 21, 2020 03:00 PM

Parents of a newborn girl were shocked to find a broken syringe needle in their child’s thigh. The parents found a protruding needle Wednesday and alleged that this was a result of medical negligence of medical practitioners at the Manapparai headquarters government hospital where the baby was born as well as vaccinated. 

Parents find Broken Needle in New born Baby\'s body

Thamarai Selvi, the wife of 28- year- old Pichandavar, a farmer from Telungupatti village in Kultihalai gave birth to a baby girl at the hospital on March 9. 

The first vaccine was given in the Government Hospital on the second day of delivery and both the mother as well as the newborn were discharged on March 14. 

The parents were worried because the baby was repeatedly crying at home. They thought that the baby was crying due to the irritation caused by vaccine. Thamarai Selvi along with the child visited the primary health Centre for the second vaccination. 

Despite complaining about the swelling in baby’s thigh, medical personnel only suggested to apply ice pack on the area, the baby’s grandmother told the media.

Thamarai Selvi found a shiny object protruding from the baby’s left thigh ad when she pulled it out, she discovered it was a syringe that was almost 2 cm long. 

The disappointed couple visited the Manapparai headquarter hospital along with the baby and lodged a complaint to the Chief- medical officer in charge as well as the joint director of health. 

On Wednesday, Thamarai Selvi spotted a shiny object protruding from the baby's left thigh while giving her a bath. Using her nail, she pulled it out. To her shock, it was the broken portion of a syringe measuring nearly 2 cm.

The upset couple visited the Manapparai headquarters hospital along with the baby and lodged a complaint with the chief medical officer-in-charge. They also complained to the joint director of health.

"Our baby has been crying repeatedly over the irritation for almost two months without sleeping. As we did not know the actual reason, we could not pacify her. The child went through such immense pain. We fear that having a portion of the needle inside the thigh of the baby for such a long period may cause an infection inside. Thus, under the consultation of health officials, we are taking the baby to Tiruchy MGMGH for a check-up," The New Indian Express cited statement made by Pichandavar. 

He also emphasized on the need to give severe punishment to the medical staff in charge so that such incidents do not repeat. 

Dr S Lakshmi, Joint Director of Health, Tiruchy told the media that "The baby was vaccinated in two places. We are investigating the medical negligence. Based on the investigation report, action will be taken against the person who erred. On arrival, the baby was checked and there was no infection possible due to the needle. But we have referred the baby to MGMGH to reassure the parents that her health is stable."

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