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By Vinershea | Feb 25, 2020 01:14 PM

In a shocking and bizarre case, a 29-year-old man got his hand stuck for over an hour and twenty minutes inside a petrol bunk toilet in Madurai. This incident happened on February 23, when the man, who is a cab driver got his right hand stuck inside an Indian-style toilet.

Madurai Man gets hand stuck inside toilet commode at petrol bunk

As per New Indian Express report, the man, who is a resident from Thanjavur was trying to get his car keys that had accidentally fallen into the toilet after which his hand got stuck. The man was returning home after dropping off his customers when the mishap happened. 

Around 5:00 am, the man stopped by a petrol bunk along the Madurai Bypass Road to attend nature’s call. When he was about to leave the toilet his car keys fell into the hole. He tried to get it out by putting his hands in, but his hand touched a cell phone which had earlier fallen into the toilet. He thought that his keys would be behind the phone that's when he pushed his hand more inside. 

“When he tried to pull his hand out, he could not. Leaving the key and the cell phone, he tried again, but in vain. We believe his hand got ‘air locked’,” said Station House Officer of Madurai Fire and Rescue Service Station Venkadesan. 

After 20 minutes of struggle, the man called for help. Even after shouting for more than 20 minutes no one came, so the man managed to push the door open using his legs and waited for someone to pass by. After half an hour, an employee saw him and alerted the firemen for help. At the end of an hour-long operation, a team of firemen managed to safely remove the man's hand by breaking the toilet, New Indian Express further reported.

Later in the day, a local car dealer arranged a duplicate key for the man, who headed home happily.

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