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By S Vikram | Dec 19, 2019 07:30 PM

Hari Shanthi, 32 was found dead inside a classroom at DG Vaishnav College, Arumbakkam Chennai. Hari Shanthi worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the college in Telugu Department. Later she cracked the teachers' exam and began working as the teacher at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Perambur as per News 18 report.

Love angle of Arumbakkam DG vaishnav teacher death case

Reportedly Hari Shanthi would visit the College to meet her friends once in a while. The CCTV footage placed near the college registered her entry into the College campus today morning. It is said that she had entered into Telugu department classroom.

After some time, she was found dead with blood bleeding from her left hand. It is not known if Hari Shanthi had committed suicide or was it any other reason for her death. The Arumbakkkam police officers were called to the spot and further investigations were rolled out.

According to the latest reports, Hari Shanthi and a professor of DG Vaishnav College were in love with each other when they used to work together. "Hari Shanthi and I know each other for a long time since we studied in the same institution. Then we joined together at DG Vaishnav in the Telugu Department. Our friendship turned to love after some time. However, after 2 years, I got married to another woman. So I told her that we couldn't be in a relationship anymore", said the professor. 

Reportedly Hari Shanthi visited the college in the name of meeting her friends only to see the professor. "When she visited the college last time (yesterday) she yelled at me saying that I betrayed her," added Professor who also said that he returned home in the evening. "I was informed that she committed suicide only when I returned home". The professor also claimed that he is the father of two children.

Meanwhile, the Arumbakkam police officers are investigating the case to know further details of Hari Shanthi's death. Hari Shanthi's brother Manikandan filed a complaint with the police seeking the actual reason for her death. The police could reveal the acutal reason of her death only after they get the postmortem report. 

Note: Suicide is never an option for any life problem. For people struggling from suicidal thoughts, here is a helpline of Sneha (Suicide Prevention) Centre: 044 2464 0050.

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