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By Vinershea | Dec 13, 2019 01:33 PM

In a shocking case from Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district, a worried and depressed couple killed three of their children by feeding them cyanide and then committed suicide. Before the couple could take the extreme step, they shot a video and sent it to their friends on WhatsApp on Thursday night.

TN couple kills children, records video before commit suicide

The deceased have been identified as M Arun, 33, Sivagami, 26, Dharshini, 5, Yuvashri, 3, and Bharathi (three months old). Arun was working as a goldsmith.  

According to New Indian Express report, in the video, Arun claimed that he was killing his daughters and was about to commit suicide along with his wife. The reason for them to do so was over mounting debts.

When his friends rushed to their house for help along with the police, they were found dead. In the two-minutes video, Arun claimed that he was going through lots of financial problems and has landed in massive debt after buying three-digit lucky draw lottery tickets. 

“Boss… God… Are you all human?? No...You are all God. But, I am not human. There is no justice and righteous thing,” Arun said in the video. 

“See here, I had given cyanide to three of my daughters. My wife and I will also take cyanide in a minute. We won’t be alive anymore. Hereafter, no one could do anything. Please be happy. May you people live a happy life,” Arun further said in the video.

By the end of the video, Arun requested the state government to ban the sale of illegal lottery. “I appeal to the government it should ban lottery tickets in Tamil Nadu. If it does so, at least 10 men like me in Villupuram would escape from the trap of debt," Arun finally said. 

“I hope no one is good and no one is bad on this earth. All my children are dying in front of my eyes. I know that no one will help us. No problem. We will not be a burden to anyone on this earth. I have mixed cyanide in alcohol. I am about to drink that. We are free now,” he said and the video ended. 

Currently, all the bodies have been sent to the Villupuram Government Hospital for autopsy. Meanwhile, Villupuram’s superintendent of police Jayakumar asserted that Arun had a debt of more than Rs 30 lakh.

Suicide is never an option for any life problem. For people struggling from suicidal thoughts, here is a helpline of Sneha (Suicide Prevention) Centre: 044 2464 0050.    


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