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By Saradha | May 05, 2020 06:02 PM

Out of all the containment zones, Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, Royapuram, Kodambakkam, Tenampet and Tondiarpet have recorded the highest number of cases. Greater Chennai Corporation Commissioner G Prakash during his press meet on Friday elaborated on the reason behind three zones from North Chennai having the biggest concentration of COVID-19 cases in the city. “These are densely populated areas and therefore there are more chances of transmission. We cannot completely curb people’s movements and so we are enforcing social distancing norms,” he said. According to the latest list of containment zones shared by Greater Chennai Corporation, the city has 233 barricaded containment areas. 

List of Top 5 COVID19 Hot Spots in the City Listed!

Here are details about the COVID19 situation in Chennai’s top 5 Containment Zones: 

Thiru Vi Ka Nagar

Thiru Vi Ka Nagar comprises wards 64-78.  “In Thiru Vi ka Nagar Zone, the emerging cluster is from a prayer meeting in which two infected sanitary workers had participated,” a Greater Chennai corporation official told TOI.  A couple held the prayer meeting in the ground floor of their building. Fifteen of them who participated were tested positive on April 26. 

Thiru Vi ka Nagar had recorded only 42 cases on April 22 but there has been an exponential increase since then.

70 streets in this zone have been barricaded and have been officially declared as containment streets by the Chennai corporation. 

Thiru Vi Ka Nagar has reported 357 cases as of May 05, out of which 40 patients have recovered, 314 are hospitalized and 3 deaths.


Reportedly, Royapuram has recorded high number of cases through members who attended the Tablighi Jamaat and people who have been in contact with them.

“In Royapuram, most of the cases were contacts of the members who attended the Tablighi Jamaat, officials said to The New Indian Express, citing that there are no new cases.” As per official reports, most of the patients who tested positive in this area were already under quarantine. 

80 streets have been reported as containment streets in this zone by the Greater Chennai Corporation. 

Royapuram has reported 299 positive cases, out of which 78 people have recovered, 213 have been hospitalized and 8 deaths have been reported as of May 05. 


The high density of population and the expanse of the area is reportedly the reason behind the high number of cases in this part of the city. 

Kodambakkam has reported 257 positive cases.  24 people have recovered, while 232 are still hospitalized and one death has been reported as of May 05.

15 streets have been barricaded in this zone. 


The number of COVID19 cases surged in Teynampet when 42 people from V R Pillai street at Triplicane tested positive for the virus. This cluster falls under Teynampet zone. As per Times of India’s report, two residents of the street were volunteering and distributing food in the area. They are said to be the primary source. Six families in an apartment and two policemen are among the ones who tested positive. 

Teynampet has reported 206 positive cases. As per the latest reports, 26 people have recovered while 180 are still hospitalized in this zone. 

37 streets are barricaded in this zone. 


In both Royapuram and Tondiarpet, the population density was cited as a major reason behind the spread of the virus. “We have to consider two things. Population is high in Chennai we can say it has one crore population easily. The population density too is high since this one crore population is living under 400 sq km area. In some areas the population density is 26,000 persons per sq km whereas in areas like north Chennai it could be 50 to 60,000 per sq km. Therefore, transmission is a natural phenomenon,” The News Minute quoted Commissioner G Prakash in its report. 

18 streets have been barricaded in this zone. 

Tondiarpet has recorded a total of 136 positive cases. As of May 05, 40 people have recovered whereas 102 are still hospitalized in this zone. 

Other areas such as the Koyambedu market and Triplicane are now emerging as Coronavirus hotspots in the city.

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