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By S Vikram | Dec 13, 2019 07:40 PM

The ardent fans of Rajinikanth are aware that choreographer turned actor Lawrence is also a die-hard fan of him. Widely known as Superstar of Indian Cinema, Rajinikanth celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday. On the occasion of his birthday, Rajinikanth fans organised an event which saw the presence of actor Lawrence.

Lawrence speech about Kamal on Rajini birthday function

Lawrence's speech in Rajinikanth's Darbar audio launch created a controversy assuming that he disrespected actor Kamal Haasan. Lawrence said he threw cow's dung at Kamal Haasan's movie poster when he was young. During the Rajinikanth's birthday event, he admitted his speech at the Darbar audio launch and said that he did such a thing due to ignorance when he was young.

"I really felt bad about it when I saw the friendship of Thalaivar (Rajinikanth) and Kamal Haasan. later. Over the years, I developed a deep respect for brother Kamal. In fact, he called me to act in his upcoming film 3 months ago. But I could not do it since I was busy with my film 'Kalabairava'"

Further, Lawrance talked about the criticisms he has gone through and those against Rajinikanth entering politics. He talked about the speculations of 1 Crore rupees that he spent during 'Jallikattu Protest' in Chennai. "Some people keep criticizing that I gave 1 Crore rupees to Jallikattu protesters to claim the credit. They are asking for the accounts for the money I spent," said Lawrence. He continued saying that he spent the money to help the families of the guys who lost their lives during the protest.

"I helped the families because I believe that whatever you earn, you should contribute something to the society". Lawrence expressed his ideologies of justice and injustice and said, "Krishnan (referring to Lord Krishna) is watching us". He concluded his speech wishing Rajinikanth for his birthday.

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