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By S Vikram | Sep 22, 2019 12:11 PM

As the saying goes true history always finds its way, the developments of excavations at Keeladi in Sivaganga district turn out to be a big historical revelation so far. The Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department (TNAD) has confirmed that the cultural deposits found during Keeladi excavations are from 600 BCE. Further, the TNAD published a report titled 'Keeladi-An Urban Settlement of Sangam Age on the Banks of River Vaigai'.

keezhadi tamil civilization on twitter, special facts

Meanwhile, the hashtag "KeezhadiTamilCivilization" was trending on social media with thousands of tweets from people of Tamil Nadu. 

While the information about Keeladi excavation is largely available, we have some of the special facts derived by Tamil Poet Magudeswaran after the official confirmation of Keeladi Tamil Civilization.

Buddha was born only during 563 BC which makes it evident that Keeladi civilization exists even before the period of Buddha. It also makes the Tamil civilization to be the forerunner for many other civilizations including Mohenjadaro and Harappa.

The historical Ajantha caves were mostly excavated only after the birth of Buddha and its oldest cave was dated until 2nd Century BC. But, Keeladi evidence was dated before that.

Vaigai river would have been running from 2000 years ago itself. The traces of rich culture and lifestyle of Pandian empire could be drawn as the evidence.

The results also hint that the exchange of voice communication would have originated even before text communication in Tamil Civilization.

The invaluable artefacts found in Keeladi excavations reveal the epitome of civilization existed in Tamil Culture even before the arrival of so many other modern civilizations.