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By Nidharshana | May 16, 2020 03:38 PM

A gas leak has been reported in Chennai’s Manali. The Madras Fertilizers Limited (MFL) reported an accidental leak of ammonia during the late hours of Thursday which had left many residents nearby, gasping for breath.

Gas leak in Chennai: Fear grips amid the Residents

Residents who reside at Mathur, Manali, said that the leak had occurred around 8:30 pm. Lalitha, a 55-year-old resident told the New Indian Express that her children and grandchildren were also in the vicinity when the air was filled with the pungent smell of ammonia. “The next 30-40 minutes were hell. The leak caused severe eye irritation, nausea, and breathlessness,” she added.

Although ammonia leaks are very common in Manali, “this time the leak was substantial,” said Lalitha.

"Usually, we face this problem during rainy season when the air is heavy with moisture and the gas is unable to rise and disperse. We learned to live with it, however, Thursday's experience was frightening," Babu, Secretary of Mathur Residential Welfare Association said.

However, despite these complaints from the residents, the company claimed it to be a minor gas leak. A senior official from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB), also termed the leak as "minor". He substantiated the claim by saying that neither the Central Pollution Control Board's (CPCB) nor the TNPCB's ambient air monitoring stations located in the area captured any abnormal ammonia levels. "The data showed the levels were within permissible limits," he said.

It is believed that the gas could have released from the pressure relief valves while there was an unscheduled shutdown of an urea unit.

Since this leak has occurred a week after the Vizag gas leak, the general public are vigilant.

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