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By Saradha | May 06, 2020 02:44 PM

Chennai has already witnessed a surge in number of cases due to the total lockdown that was exclusively imposed on five TN districts. Within one-week, new coronavirus clusters have emerged and more than 2000 cases have been reported. Medical experts are predicting another surge in positive cases once this lockdown is lifted. This raises questions about Tamil Nadu’s preparedness to deal with the situation. 

COVID19 in TN: Are we prepared to Deal with the Sudden Surge in Cases?

As per media reports, experts and economists suggest that if effective surveillance system, community engagement, effective quarantine and good isolation facilities are in place, TN can deal with the surge in number of cases that might arise once the lockdown is lifted. They believe this, coupled with increased testing and contact tracing would enable the government to control the spread of the virus. 

Virologist Dr. Jacob John said to Times of India that “What we are seeing now in Tamil Nadu means the epidemic is growing. But I believe the state is confident because TN is number one in the country for its health management system, while it falters a little when it comes to crisis management where Kerala excels.”

He emphasized on the need to ensure that the elderly population stays at home and follows social distancing norms since high mortality rate among senior citizens have been reported. 

Reportedly, many Public Health Experts believe that engaging the community by encouraging them to get tested, has been absent in Tamil Nadu unlike Kerala.  He elucidated on the need to lift the lockdown only after putting in place, various measures like social restriction, isolation, better community quarantine, rigorous testing, tracing and counselling.

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