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By S Vikram | Dec 23, 2019 12:00 PM

Nagarjun, 21 from Coimbatore turned the heads of people after he decided to contest in the upcoming TN local body elections. Nagarjun will be contesting for Neelambur Panchayat ward member local body elections on December 30 2019. He is a BSC graduate and is currently pursuing his Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC) at PSG. He has also worked as an intern with few newspapers.

Coimbatore local body election meme creator candidate

Nagarjun has earned a name for himself as a meme creator who says, "I've been doing research on local body elections for the past one year. If it was conducted in 2016, then I would not have been a part of it since I was underage. Now I'm 21 which is the appropriate age to contest in the elections. I'm spending the money that I earned through parttime jobs for the elections". 

"During my campaign, people ask, 'Are you the candidate? you look so young'. Therefore, I would explain my plans and strategies to them which seemed to have impressed them," adds Nagarjun. His father is working for a spinning mill while his mother is a school teacher.

Nagarjun takes a dig at politicians saying they would say something during the campaign but completely change their mind after winning the elections. Being an independent candidate, he is contesting for "Comb (Seepu)" symbol in the election. His campaign leaflets says that, "I will stand for all people of my ward and work hard for the welfare of them" 

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