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By Anumaggie | Mar 24, 2022 04:30 PM

It has been reported that two key players of Kolkata Knight Riders are likely to miss the first five matches in the upcoming IPL series.

Two KKR players to miss first 5 matches in IPL 2022

The 15th season of the IPL is scheduled to take place on the 26th at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The Chennai Super Kings will take on the Kolkata Knight Riders in the final of the IPL last year.

CSK's performance against Kolkata in the first match of the current IPL series has created great anticipation amongst the fans. This year, two teams - Gujarat and Lucknow have merged and all the players in the team have been disbanded and the IPL auction has taken place. So many of the players who have already played on each team have switched to other teams.

Shreyas Iyer has been appointed as the new captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders. CSK all-rounder Jadeja has been named captain.

It has been reported that Australian players Pat Cummins and Aaron Finch, who play for the Kolkata Knight Riders, have been ruled out of the first five matches of the IPL series. The team's adviser, David Hussey, made the announcement.

Two KKR players miss first 5 matches in IPL 2022

David says, “Well, it is a concern, you want your best players available, but international cricket should be the para-limit. Every cricketer should want to play international cricket for their countries so they have commitments that way. I think Cummins and Finch will miss the first five games but they will be cricket fit and cricket ready. So, once they hit the ground running, both quality people and they will fit into the dressing room perfectly well."

Two KKR players miss first 5 matches in IPL 2022

The duo put on a stellar performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup series. So they were considered as the key players for the Kolkata team. The departure of the two is currently seen as a setback for the Kolkata team. At the same time, fans are commenting that it will be a positive thing for the CSK team to face in the first match.

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