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By Anumaggie | Mar 23, 2022 08:02 PM

One of CSK's tweets about Suresh Raina is currently going viral on the Internet.

CSK wishes Suresh Raina\'s son on his birthday; Raina reacts

The 15th IPL series starts on the 26th. Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders will clash in the first match.

In this, the team had released Suresh Raina, who played for the Chennai Super Kings last season, from the team before the auction.

Unsold Raina

Subsequently, in the mega auction held last February, no team, including Chennai, took the initiative to bid for Raina. Thus, he was declared 'Unsold'. Raina, who has played for Chennai for over 10 seasons, has made a number of rare achievements in the IPL series.

Other sample entry

To Raina, the No.1 player in the series, 'Mr.IPL'. The absence of such a player in the IPL series was a source of great anguish among the fans. In this case, the official information about his commentary on the IPL series was released yesterday.

csk wishes suresh raina son on his birthday raina reacts

Eager fans

Although he will not be playing in IPL matches this time, there has been great anticipation among the fans as Raina is going to make his contribution in another way. Raina will be seen as a commentator in this season's IPL. Meanwhile, it was rumored that the cricketer was not included in the squad because of a problem between CSK and Raina.

However, Raina continued to comment on Chennai Super Kings posts, saying that it was all rumors. Now, one of CSK's posts about Raina is currently going viral.

Congratulations CSK

Raina's son, Rio, is celebrating his second birthday today. Raina posted a photo of himself with his son on Twitter and wished him a happy birthday.

csk wishes suresh raina son on his birthday raina reacts

Following this, the Chennai Super Kings team shared a photo of Rio on his Twitter page and wished him.

csk wishes suresh raina son on his birthday raina reacts

Raina also commented on this. Despite leaving the team, fans have been commenting that there is no such thing as a bond between CSK and Raina.

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