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By Anumaggie | Apr 07, 2022 11:08 AM

The 15th IPL series is now going on in full swing.

Sam Curran says Natarajan can bowl 6 yorkers in an over

While most teams have played up to three matches, the outcome of many matches changed unexpectedly by some players.

Thus, the expectation of who will win until the end of the match is the most-anticipating among the fans.

Pat Cummins

In yesterday's match, Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders clashed. Kolkata's Pat Cummins hit a half-century off 14 balls to give the hosts an unbeaten victory.

That too in the single over bowled by Mumbai's Daniel Sams, the entire Kolkata fans cheered for 35 runs. Many players continue to show their potential in this IPL series.

Natarajan at 'Full' Form

In that category, Natarajan, a Tamil Nadu player, made his debut in the IPL series a few years ago and was included in the Indian team. However, Natarajan, who has not played for the last one year due to injury, is currently playing for Hyderabad in the IPL. Despite losing two matches to Hyderabad so far, Natarajan has taken four wickets in two matches..

sam curran says natarajan can bowl six yorkers in an over

Sam Curran

Meanwhile, all-rounder Sam Curran, who previously played for the Chennai Super Kings, has praised Natarajan, “I played against him in Pune last year. He actually defended 13 when I was on strike. I have experienced his yorkers. He is very skillful. A bowler who can hit six yorkers consistently.”

All teams have the option

He further added: “He is someone most teams would love to have in their team. He’s a left-arm, got that different angle, and also gets a bit of reverse swing. The ball that he bowled to Pandya just tailed in and took the leg stump. It’s great to see him fit and back playing in the IPL as he is a class performer.”

sam curran says natarajan can bowl six yorkers in an over

It is noteworthy that Sam Curran did not participate in this year's IPL series.

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