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By Sushmetha | Apr 22, 2022 08:04 PM

Fans and celebrities have been commenting on Dhoni's finish in the match against Mumbai Indians yesterday (21.04.2022).

RP Singh wants ms dhoni to play in t20 world cup

Both Mumbai and Chennai were last in the points table. However, during their clash, there was a great deal of controversy among the fans.

Batting first, Mumbai set a target of 156 for Chennai. Though a relatively simple target, Chennai, batting second, stumbled, losing some wickets. As a result, the competition was so fierce that it was impossible to say for sure which team would win.

 RP Singh wants ms dhoni to play in t20 world cup

Pretorius was out for the first ball, requiring 17 runs in the last over. After this, he took a run to come to Bravo. Then, Dhoni turned the match around for Chennai by hitting 6, 4, 2, 4 for 16 off four balls. All the Mumbai players froze in shock and cheered when they saw Vintage Dhoni.

Dhoni, who has already retired from international cricket, continues to play only in the IPL series. Even so, Dhoni's batting over the last few seasons has not been taken seriously. Thus, more criticism was developing around him. However, in the first match of the current IPL series, Dhoni, who scored a half-century, is currently finishing the bar at the finish line. Thus, all his fans are excited.

 RP Singh wants ms dhoni to play in t20 world cup

Similarly, while many celebrities were praising Dhoni's performance, the name Dhoni could be seen everywhere on the internet. In that sense, a tweet by a former Indian player is now going viral.

 RP Singh wants ms dhoni to play in t20 world cup

RB Singh, India's fast bowler, asked, "Can Dhoni be asked to come out of retirement for the T20 World Cup?" As mentioned in his tweet. Under this post, fans have been making a variety of comments.

 RP Singh wants ms dhoni to play in t20 world cup

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