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By Anumaggie | Apr 07, 2022 01:26 PM

Mumbai Indians, one of the strongest teams in the IPL, have lost all three matches so far in the ongoing IPL series.

Angry Rohit Sharma yelled during speech after their defeat

Mumbai, who lost the first two matches to Delhi and Rajasthan, also lost to Kolkata yesterday (06.04.2022) and are currently in the ninth position in the points table.

Serial failure

Mumbai, who batted first in yesterday's match against Kolkata, were 161 for four at the end of 20 overs. Following on, Kolkata lost five wickets for 101 runs. Thus, the Mumbai team had a chance to win.

Rohit sharma yelled during post speech after their defeat

Cummins' Action

But Pat Cummins, the 7th man to bat, hit a half-century off 14 balls. Thus, with four overs to spare, Kolkata won by a huge margin. Despite Mumbai's successive defeats in the opening league matches in the previous few seasons, this time the team's bowling is a big question mark.

We never expected that

Thus, the Mumbai team is also planning to make any kind of changes in the upcoming matches and start winning. Speaking after the defeat against Kolkata yesterday, Rohit Sharma said, "We had the game till the 15th over, but then Cummins was brilliant. Whenever you have runs on the board, we always have the upper hand, We had them 5-down, it was just a matter of the wicket of Venky or Pat, they had Sunil who could smash them. This will be hard to digest, the way it turned out in the last few overs.”

Rohit sharma yelled during post speech after their defeat

Rohit Sharma, who was frustrated by the series defeats, looked a bit harsh when he was speaking after the match. Meanwhile, the voice of the commentator questioning himself seems to have not been properly heard by Rohit.

Rohit shouting

Thus, Rohit spoke angrily to someone there and shouted in frustration, "Increase the volume." Related videos are currently going viral. Earlier, after the appointment of Rohit Sharma as the captain of the Indian team, he continued to be strict with his players and led the team.

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