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By Anumaggie | Apr 13, 2022 07:03 PM

The Chennai Super Kings, who have suffered four consecutive defeats in the 15th IPL, have started their winning streak with a win over Bangalore.

How MS Dhoni plotted Virat Kohli\'s dismissal in one run

Chennai, who had earlier lost to Kolkata, Lucknow, Punjab and Hyderabad in a row, faced Royal Challengers Bangalore in a match yesterday (12.04.2022).

Chennai opener Ruturaj, who batted first, was dismissed for 17 and was bowled once again. Uthappa and Shivam Dube then added runs as Moeen Ali was run out.

Uthappa - Dube Combo

Both, alternately to take the Bangalore ball rolling, CSK’s score soared at jet speed. At the end of 20 overs, CSK scored 216 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. Uthappa scored 88 and Shivam Dubey 95. Following on, Bangalore stumbled towards the target, initially losing wickets in a row.

how ms dhoni plotted virat kohli dismissal in one run

But in the middle, Shahbaz Ahmed and Dinesh Karthik added a somewhat dramatic run. However, at the end of 20 overs, Bangalore managed only 193 runs for the loss of 9 wickets. Thus, the CSK team won by 23 runs. It is also worth noting that the play-off round will be easy for the CSK team if they continue to win in the upcoming tournaments.

Dhoni's master plan

Meanwhile, videos related to Dhoni's plan to dismiss Bangalore player Kohli are now going viral. Kohli came on the field after Faf du Plessis got out. Dhoni immediately changed the fielding as the outcome of the match would change even if he started playing aggressively.

how ms dhoni plotted virat kohli dismissal in one run

When Kohli came to bat, no one was fielding in the deep square leg area. Subsequently, when Kohli came to take the strike and bat, Dhoni quietly stopped a fielder in the direction of Deep Square Leg. Mukesh Chaudhary then threw the ball, and Kohli hit it fast to the deep square leg to execute the plan by throwing the ball short of the pitch.

Shivam Dube, who was fielding in the area, turned it into a catch and Kohli made a run. With Bangalore losing by 23 runs, fans have been speculating that the outcome of the match may have changed if Kohli was not dismissed at that time.  

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