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By Sushmetha | Mar 20, 2022 09:51 PM

Former India captains Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir have been rumored to be at loggerheads several times, causing a stir among fans.

gautam gambhir opens up on rumoured rift with ms dhoni

The main reason for this is that when comments are made praising Dhoni, Gambhir does the opposite.

For example, when the Indian team won the 2011 World Cup, many praised Dhoni. However, Gambhir's revealing that no one talked much about his innings being a major factor also caused a stir among the fans.

Gambir about Dhoni

Thus, it was widely believed that there would be a big rift between Gambhir and Dhoni. In this case, Gautam Gambhir has opened his mind and made some comments about whether he has any fight with Dhoni.

gautam gambhir opens up on rumored rift with ms dhoni


Gambhir was asked why people think you don't like Dhoni. Gambhir replied, "It is nonsense to think so. I have a lot of respect for Dhoni. I can say it anywhere. I will say it if I want to in the presence of 138 crore people.

Nippon first

If he needs anything, I will stand first. He has done a lot for Indian cricket. He is also a great man. Me and Dhoni had different views on cricket. Dhoni's approach and I's approach to cricket are very different.

Have respect

When Dhoni was the captain, I was the vice-captain for a long time. During his tenure as captain, I may even have been the vice captain for a very long time. I definitely have my respect for a cricketer like him and a great man. I will repeat it as many times as I want.

gautam gambhir opens up on rumored rift with ms dhoni

Similarly, if Dhoni was the only third player to make the cut, he would have set a number of world records, "said Gambhir.

Gambhir and Dhoni were seen by the fans as if they were enemies. However, Gambhir's comment now confirms that there is nothing between them.


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