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By S Vikram | Oct 08, 2019 08:48 PM

The temperament of Hardik Pandya often leads him to face controversies and one might not be able to figure out if his actions are intentional or just a part of cool attitude. However, his recent birthday wish to former cricketer and pace bowler Zaheer Khan did not go well with fans.

Zaheer Khan replies to Hardik Pandya’s Birth wish on Twitter

Pandya posted a video in which Hardik Pandya is seen smashing the delivery of Zaheer Khan and wrote "Happy birthday Zak ... Hope you smash it out of the park like I did here @ImZaheer," (sic). The post received plenty of criticisms from the twitter fans who called him "arrogant", asking him to stay humble and lots more.

One day after Pandya's post, Zaheer Khan replied to Hardik Pandya on a cool tone saying, "Hahahaha....thank you for the wishes  @hardikpandya7 my batting skills can never be as good as yours but the birthday was as good as the next delivery you faced from me in this match,"(sic).

Well, it looks like the senior player did not take Pandya's wish to be mean and his acknowledgement would put an end to fans criticisms. Hardik Pandya had undergone a surgery in London recently and is currently on a recovery phase. His comeback to Indian cricket Team is not yet known. 

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