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By S Vikram | Oct 03, 2019 10:52 AM

Of late former captain of England's woman's Cricket team, Sarah Taylor announced her retirement due to anxiety disorder.

Jadeja and Sarah Taylor\'s twitter conversation goes viral

Sarah shot to fame among all section of cricket enthusiasts after her bold photoshoots in recent times.

Now after her retirement, the personal messages of cricketer Ravindra Jadeja to Sarah Taylor and her reply in 2014 is going viral on the internet.

Back in 2014, Indian Men's cricket team and England's women's cricket team had lost their respective T20 World Cup finals.

Therefore Jadeja had sent personal messages to Sarah Taylor over the English team's loss against Australia.

But, since Jadeja had not followed Sarah on Twitter, she replied to his messages with direct tweets which could be eventually seen by all the Twitter users.

The users who saw only Sarah’s tweet to Jadeja were pretty confused initially. Some of them could not understand her tweet.

One of the twitter users commented that Sarah was talking to a wrong person. But only after a series of Sarah’s one-sided tweet to Jadeja, that everyone believed Sarah’s was having a conversation with Jadeja only. 

After a while, it became clear that Sarah and Jadeja were talking about their respective performances in the match. Once they realized that their conversation was getting personal, Sarah asked Jadeja to follow her so that she could reply to him personally. 

Later both of them decided to meet each other near the pool at 10 AM

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