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By Vaishvedhidha | Jun 10, 2019 07:03 PM

India's all-rounder Yuvraj Singh announced his decision to retire from all forms of cricket on Monday. In nearly two decades, since his ODI debut against Kenya in 2000, Yuvraj featured in 40 Tests, 304 ODIs and 58 T20Is, while also playing an important role in India's two big victories - the 2007 World T20 and the 2011 World Cup.

Yuvraj Singh retires from International Cricket

"It's was great rollercoaster ride and beautiful story but it has to come to an end. It was the right time to go," Yuvraj Singh said during a press conference.

Yuvi proved to be an asset, famously pulled off the feat of smashing six sixes in a single over - against Stuart Broad in the 2007 World T20 - which is yet to be matched in the format in international cricket.

In an emotional address, he recounted his best memories through his career, while also mentioning some of the worst.

"I would say I am extremely lucky to play 400-plus games for India. I would've not imagined doing this when I started my career as a cricket. Through this journey, some matches that remain in my memory are - the 2002 NatWest series final, my first Test hundred in Lahore in 2004, the 2007 Test series in England, of course the six sixes and the 2007 T20 World Cup. And then the most memorable one was the 2011 World Cup finals."

"It was a love-hate relationship with the sport, in retrospect. I don't think I hated the game, because the love I have for it today, which will remain a constant till the end of [my] life. I can't really express in words what is that feeling."

"And then, probably the worst day in my career, was the 2014 World T20 final against Sri Lanka where I scored 11 off 21 balls. It was so shattering that I felt my career was over," Yuvraj said.

A battle with cancer kept him out of the game for a while, and though he returned for a second wind, he wasn't the same player as before.

"This game taught me how to fight, how to fall, to dust myself off and get up again and move forward. I have failed more times than I have succeeded, but I never gave up, and will never give up, till my last breath, and that's what cricket has taught me. I gave my blood and sweat to the game once I got on to it, especially when it came to representing my country."

"The adrenaline rush, playing for India, singing the national anthem before each game, touching the Indian flag, stopping every run for the team, or scoring every run for the team, was a completely different high. To be part of history, that was made after 28 years [in 2011], I mean, honestly, what more could I ask for?"

"I want to go and play some T20 cricket. I think at this age, I can manage to play some fun cricket. I want to enjoy my life. It's been too stressful, just thinking about my international career, performing, and big tournaments like IPL… hopefully I'll just enjoy myself," he said.

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