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By Dhiraj | Apr 08, 2019 09:14 PM

At the start of this years IPL, we saw Ashwin Mankad Jos Buttler, which went on to become a big controversy. There were a number of comments for and against Ashwin regarding this incident.

Warner backs up extra against Ashwin to remind the Mankad Incident

Going by the rules, Ashwin was right in what he was doing as a batsman are not allowed to leave the crease until the bowler releases the ball. Having said that, it doesn't go well with the spirit of the game as people felt at least a warning should have been given. 

It looks like that incident has made batsman more aware of leaving the crease before the bowlers bowled. In the game against the Kings XI Punjab when Ashwin was bowling, David Warner put his bat well inside as he was trying to back up. This could have well been a move he did on purpose just to remind Ashwin off that issue once again as he didn't really do it when the others were bowling.

Here is the video of Warner's act when Ashwin was bowling.