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By S Vikram | Jul 20, 2019 04:06 PM

Fans from Tamilnadu were really happy after Vijay Shankar and Dinesh Karthik got selected to play for World Cup 2019. However, Vijay Shankar’s World Cup journey ended because of his injury even before India played the semi-finals. Even Dinesh Karthik’s innings were not up to the mark in the ICC tournament.

Vijay shankar injured and could not play TNPL

Vijay Shankar had reportedly submitted the details regarding his injuries to the National Cricket for further consideration since the West Indies Squad is expected to be announced on July 21 (Sunday). While Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) is just started, Vijay Shankar was announced to play for Chepauk Super Gillies. But, unfortunately, he is dropped from the team since he has not recovered from injuries. In fact, he was supposed to play the first match against Dindigul Dragons on July 19 (Friday).

Vijay Shankar was announced as the captain of Chepauk Super Gillies and the injury has created a major setback for the Indian all-rounder, especially ahead of West Indies Tour. According to the reports, Vijay Shankar is likely to miss more than half of the matches in the current edition of TNPL.  The reports further add that Kaushik Gandhi will be the skipper of Chepauk Super Gillies to replace Vijay Shankar’s absence.