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By Vinershea | Mar 26, 2019 04:10 PM

Its just been three days that the Indian Premier League (IPL 2019) has begun and it has already courted controversy that is taking social media by storm. It all started after Kings XI Punjab captain and bowler Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed Rajasthan Royals' player Jos Buttler that sparked a huge debate in the cricket fraternity.

Shane Warne accuses Harsha Bhogle over Ashwin Mankad Controversy

Minutes after Ashwin doing a 'Mankad' on the field he received widespread criticism for his actions. Many came out in support while others criticized him for his behaviour. Explaining about the term Mankading, it refers to a situation when a bowler runs out the batsman at the runners' end. The batsman usually leaves the crease before the ball is being delivered.

Something that took everyone by shock was when former Australian legend Shane Warne accused commentator Harsha Bhogle of being ‘bias’ in the ‘Ashwin’s Mankad’ controversy, because Harsha took to Twitter to remind fans of the great performances by Chris Gayle, Jos Butler, Sarfaraz Khan and not steal the limelight away from the brilliant performances. He took to social media stating that, “By the way, there was a match too and there were some fantastic performances from Gayle and Buttler, Ashwin and Archer and Sarfaraz. Don’t bury that.”

Further slamming out at Harsha, Warne came down heavy on him with a series of tweets that read as, "Harsha, if that had of been an international player you would have nailed him ! Please do not be bias & stick up for your own. Any player in the game that does that to anyone is an embarrassment to the game & as captain it’s even more disgraceful !”

Seemed like the war of words did not stop there, minutes later Harsha was immediately asked a question by a fan on the 'Mankad' rule, to which Harsha commented saying,
“Nothing in the laws though about warning. Just as there is nothing in the laws about a wicket keeper warning a batsman for being out of the crease and not stumping him".

Soon after that, Warne countered Harsha saying, “Harsha you are missing the point completely & I’m disappointed in you as you always push the spirit of the game – now you condone this behaviour ? Ashwin’s actions were simply disgraceful, and I hope the BCCI doesn’t condone this sort of behaviour in the #IPL !”