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By Vinershea | Nov 14, 2019 12:03 PM

Team India batsman Rohit Sharma, who is currently set for the first Test in Indore after a successful T20 international series against Bangladesh came up with a delightful surprise for a super-fan from the neighbouring country.

Rohit Sharma Special Gesture For Bangladeshi Fan In Indore 

Rohit Sharma, met one of the many supporters of the Bangladeshi team identified as Shoaib Ali Bukhari, also known as 'Tiger Shoaib'. He is a super-fan of the Bangladesh cricket team, who often paints himself as a tiger and has been present at most of Bangladesh's games since 2012.

 According to Republic World reports, Tiger Shoaib could not be close to the Bangladesh team to cheer because of heavy security restrictions. As soon as Rohit Sharma got to know about this, he made arrangements for him so that he could enter the stadium and cheer for his team. 

On November 13, Rohit along with few officials made a special card for Shoaib so that he could make it to the stadium and the field. At a recent interview with a cricket portal, Shoaib expressed his excitement saying that “He (Rohit Sharma) asked me why I didn’t meet with him. I told him about the tight security here in India. I also told him that I tried but failed due to that tight security. Then he asked about my situation and where I am staying here. After that, a person sent me to the upstairs. Sudhir took me to the place. There cards were made. They took my picture and passport photocopy and told me to come at 4:00 PM. And when I went at 4 PM, I found my card done".

Further expressing his happiness, Shoaib asserted that getting into the stadium without much restrictions and staying close to his team is his biggest achievement. “I am much glad because I want to stay with Bangladesh team always. I want to shout and show the flag by staying beside the team. In the T20 series, I couldn’t able to do that. Because I had to buy the tickets of the distant galleries. And it made me much sad. But all the sorrows had been removed. Now with that card, I can enter with any gate of the stadium, also I can leave from any gate as much as I can. I can stay beside my team – this is the biggest achievement for me,” he expressed. 

Team India will lock horns with Bangladesh in the first match of the two-match Test series in Indore on November 14. 


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