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By S Vikram | Oct 01, 2019 11:22 AM

Jasprit Bumrah has been ruled of the Indian Cricket Team and will not be available for a minimum of 2 months due to his back ‘Stress Fracture’. Reportedly he would be receiving treatment from multiple specialists in the UK.

Nehra says only Bumrah knows when he will come back

In fact, it is the first major injury for Bumrah in his three and a half year of an international career. As for his comeback period is concerned, BCCI top official has confirmed that Bumrah would be treated in London with three different specialists for a speedy recovery and NCA head physiotherapist Ashish Kaushik will accompany him.

On the other side, India's former fast bowler Ashish Nehra told PTI that the stress fracture is something that varies from player to player and it is pretty difficult to set a time-frame for comebacks. As per TOI report, Nehra told Bumrah may feel good after two months of treatment but he may not feel the same after six months.

Nehra also affirmed that only medication, proper rest and strong rehabilitation programme can relieve a player from such fracture and only a player himself would know whether he is fit to play or not. Ahead of the World T20 tournament in Australia next year, the Indian cricket fraternity feels it is very crucial to regain the fitness of the topmost key player like Bumrah.

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