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By Vinershea | Oct 03, 2020 05:54 PM

As Chennai Super Kings (CSK) struggled to stay at the crease against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) after which they consecutively lost their third match in the T20 extravaganza, fans still loved CSK captain MS Dhoni for trying till the end and doing his best. 

krk post disrespectful tweet for msdhoni after cskvsrh fans react

This has been the first time since 2014, that MS Dhoni and team have lost three games back to back. Looking back at the moment, Dhoni was running out of breath in the final two overs and also took a couple of breaks. He seemed to be drained out by the end of the match and failed to do the finishing job, which saw CSK fall short by seven runs.

Despite CSK's failure and Dhoni's struggle to win the battle, fans reacted to his health concern. Amid most of the post, there was one such post that has caught everyone's attention.

Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan too reacted to Dhoni's struggles and posted a disrespectful tweet for the star player.

krk post disrespectful tweet for msdhoni after cskvsrh fans react

Suggesting him to retire from the game, KRK wrote; "Bhai @msdhoni बाल काले करने से कोई जवान नहीं बन जाता! 2 रन के लिए भागने पर आपकी साँस उखड़ जाती है, जो बुढ़ापे में सबके साथ होता है! लेकिन किसने कहा, कि बुढ़ापे में खेलकर बेइज़्ज़ती कराना ज़रूरी है! हम आपके फ़ैन रहे हैं, आपको ऐसे देखकर अच्छा नहीं लगता! इज़्ज़त के साथ सन्यास लेलो!"

Which means - "Brother MS Dhoni, no one becomes younger by dying his hair black. You run out of breath while taking two runs, which happens with everyone in old age. But who has told you to make a mockery of yourself by playing in old age. I was your fan once and I don’t like seeing you in this condition. Retire respectfully.”

krk post disrespectful tweet for msdhoni after cskvsrh fans react

This tweet didn't go down well with his fans who lashed out at the Bollywood actor. Despite being away from social media, Dhoni has a huge fan base, who rightly gave it back to the actor.

Looking at the points table, with the defeat against SRH, CSK are still at the last spot in the points table. They will next face Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) on Sunday. 

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