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By Vinershea | Nov 09, 2020 12:28 PM

Mumbai Indians (MI) and West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard have developed a strong bond and relationship with few players of the IPL team. Pollard, who is currently playing for MI opened up on his companionship with Pandya brothers – Krunal and Hardik. 

kieron pollard reveals who is smarter between krunal and hardik

From revealing few inside stories to picking the smarter one between the two brothers, he has revealed it all. Pollard confirmed that the friendship between the three players are as much on the field and off the field.  

Taking a look at how Pollard, Hardik and Krunal are valuable assets for MI, they are known as the best in the team right now. They perform in crunch situations and help their side to win crucial games.

kieron pollard reveals who is smarter between krunal and hardik

Recently, while speaking about both the brothers, Pollard went on to describe Krunal as the ‘smarter Pandya’. 

“As I always say, there is Hardik Pandya, and then there is the smarter Pandya (Krunal). For us the relationship that we have off the field transcends onto the cricket field,” said Pollard in a video shared by MI on Twitter. 

“We share some of the same sort of sentiments, the kind of people that we are in terms of just wanting to help, and just enjoying the moment and being thankful and grateful for whatever opportunities that is presented to us,” he added.

kieron pollard reveals who is smarter between krunal and hardik

Further talking about Hardik, Pollard lauded him concerning the confidence the latter shows on and off the field. He even termed both Hardik and Krunal as ‘Good People’. “They (Pandya brothers) are more open and louder, but they are not like that just off the field, when they go on to the cricket field, the flair that they show, Hardik especially, that aspect of it, he goes out, backs himself, he is confident. So these are some of the things that we share in common,” Pollard remarked. 

“The way that they are, they are like good people. And you will find it very difficult not to like these individuals. Hardik for his confidence, no matter what, he is confident. He is always happy, always there, and then there is Krunal. But these fellows are amazing,” Pollard also added.

Sharing about how the three have a mutual respect for each other, which eventually helps the team. Pollard went on to say that, “When it’s off, it’s fun, it’s all games, but when it is time for business and serious talks as well, we have that, so that sort of mutual respect, and that common understanding, goes a long way,” concluded Pollard.

kieron pollard reveals who is smarter between krunal and hardik

MI will lock horns with Delhi Capitals (DC) in the final of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 at Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Tuesday, November 10. As both the teams have their eyes set on the trophy, MI have already won the title four times, while DC have qualified for the final for the first time in the history of the tournament.

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