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By Vinershea | Aug 13, 2020 06:19 PM

As COVID-19 pandemic had halted and postponed many plans, cricket fans were left confused as to whether the IPL 2020 will take place or not. But to everyone's surprise the big day is set on September 19 after a much long wait.

ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uae

This wait has not just given us excitement but also hope in the love for cricket. This IPL 13 will see many changes and fans will also miss many moments. According to Crictracker reports, below are few things that will be certainly missed by the fans this IPL season: 

- No Family Members: ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaeThe sight of watching or witnessing the family members of players who come to cheer for their team, praying for their victory, and supporting them is like a treat to our eyes. However, this year the family members of the players will not have such easy access to watch the match LIVE as they would not be permitted to even travel on the same vehicles.

No franchise owners for support: ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaeWatching Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty to Shah Rukh Khan and others was the best during matches, as they have created many memorable instances by interacting with cricket players on the field. Sadly, due to the pandemic, franchise owners won’t be present to witness the proceedings live from the ground, nor they would be able to involve in activities and engagements with players like always.

No post-match presentations: ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaeIt was always fun to watch Harsha Bhogle interacting with players like MS Dhoni, Virat Kholi and others. But this time, no such sight will be seen as all the players, support staff, coaches, umpires, physios, will need to maintain social distancing and be in a bio-secure environment. So, there won’t be any post-match shows, presentations, or one on one interviews this time.

No press conferencesipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaePress conferences have always been the best form of interaction between the players and the media. These meetings would be one great platform for making queries, raising questions, understanding the different on-field moments in detail by the players themselves. As these conferences are conducted in jam-packed rooms with news channels, newspapers, digital media platforms, sitting close to each other; there is no chance that an arrangement could be made possible.

No Celebrations: ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaeTo keep safe and follow protocols, no form of physical interactions amongst the players will happen. The sights of players jumping and climbing all over each other will not be seen this year. No such celebration from taking a wicket to winning a match will happen. 

Behind closed doors: ipl2020 things fans will miss amid covid19 pandemic in uaeDuring a cricket match, there is nothing to be compared while watching it with fans inside a cricket stadium. This pandemic has ruined not just the year but also the fire of the boisterous crowd. As per Crictracker reports, cricket behind closed doors has not proved to be as nightmarish as it once seemed to be. However, it’s only fair to let go of the idea of having spectators inside the stadiums. 

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