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By S Vikram | Jan 23, 2020 10:06 PM

Former Indian cricketer Praveen Kumar said that he tried to commit suicide by trying to shoot himself due to depression. In a recent interview, Praveen Kumar confessed that he lost his mind after his cricketing career ended.

Ind bowler praveen kumar tried to commit suicide. Confession

Praveen Kumar is a former Indian bowler whose performance proved to be a major factor for India in 2008 historical victory against Australia. He was dropped from Indian cricket in 2014. Later in 2018, he announced his retirement from international cricket. "I would like to tell you a secret. I have a slight defect in one of my eyes. During my childhood, one of my eyes got hit by a ball when I was playing cricket"

Praveen Kumar quoted Indian opener, Rohit Sharma who knows about his secret, "However, I managed to play cricket as I grew up after taking treatment. Some of the Indian players know about my visual impairment. One of them is Rohit Sharma. After I was dropped from the Indian team, I became addicted to alcohol"

"Some people accused me that I lost my career only because of alcohol. But no one recognised the good in me. One day I drove my car to a secluded place and picked a gun to shoot myself. In the last minute, I saw a photograph of my family placed in front of my car. That moment changed my thought process. Then I dropped the plan," added Praveen Kumar.

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