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By Dharani | Aug 28, 2019 06:32 PM

During the World Cup Final, Ben Stokes scored an unbeaten 84 which led England to victory against the Kiwis. The International Cricket Council (ICC) shared a picture of Stokes with Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter captioning, “The greatest cricketer of all time – and Sachin Tendulkar.” Though the Internet was all love for Stokes’s phenomenal performance, that tweet prompted arguments as Tendulkar’s fans said none can be tagged as the greatest cricketer other than Tendulkar.

ICC Calls Ben Stokes \'Greatest Cricketer,\' Sachin Fans Angry.

On Wednesday, the ICC once again shared the same picture captioning, “Told you so.” This came after Stokes’s unbeaten century which led England to victory by one wicket against Australia in the third Ashes Test at Headingley on Sunday. Just like last time, the tweet did not sit well Tendulkar’s fans.

“I think Sachin deserves more respect than this.. In the late 90s he shouldered the Entire Indian cricket team on his Own..countless times.. The only difference .. There wasn’t any Twitter during that time.. (sic)," Commented one Twitter user.

“One has 15, 921 Runs in tests 18426 ODIs, Averaging 54 and 45. Other has 3479 in tests and 2628 in ODIs. averaging 35 and 40. Shall I talk about centuries?? (sic),” wrote another.