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By Vaishvedhidha | Jul 28, 2019 04:39 PM

Sri Lankan cricketer Malinga's home and hometown was covered in an article by Indian Express where his mother and friends were interviewed.

“He hasn’t come for 10 years,\" says cricketer\'s mother

Swarna, Lasith Malinga's mother, spoke about her life and her son. She said that as a child, Malinga used to hide in garden when he was called to do homework. She said, just like her, she wanted him to work in a bank. She also said he was brilliant. But the college he studied also encouraged sports and she was unaware that he was practicing hard.

“He will go to college fresh and come back really tired. When I asked him, he used to come up with some excuse, like the tyre of the bus got punctured or something like that,” she said. But he got good marks, so she didn't bother much about it.

Later, one day she caught him playing and scolded him. A neighbour had showed his picture in newspaper. “No one from our village or our relatives has ever been a cricketer. We’d just seen them on the TV,” she recalls the proud moment.

She said she had visited him four months ago when she visited Colombo. “He hasn’t come here for nearly 10 years. Maybe, he’s busy and prefers the Colombo life. Wherever he’s happy, I’m also happy. Once in a while, we visit Colombo, where my third son also lives. But I like staying here, looking after my garden. Colombo is full of vehicles. I can’t stand the honking of cars,” she said.

She said that she misses her son and one day in the middle of the night she missed him and wanted to see him so she found a magazine's cover picture of him and kept it framed. She also said that at times she wished he worked in a bank so that she can see him everyday.