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By Vaishvedhidha | Jul 26, 2019 06:31 PM

Dhoni has opted out of West Indies tour and chose to go to Kashmir and serve in army for two months. In a match in ICC World Cup 2019, he was seen sporting "Balidaan" badge on his gloves.

\"I Always Criticise Dhoni; But, Now...,\" Gautam Gambhir Opens Up

Speaking about Dhoni's decision to ABP news, Dhoni's former colleague, former Indian opener and India politician, Gautam Gambhir lauded Dhoni.

"I had always said this, we shouldn't be wearing uniform of a defence personnel, we should do something for them, then we should wear it ... Today, MS Dhoni has shown the entire country how serious he's for the uniform," he said. He also said that this step will motivate the youth and he can be a role model.

"I always used to criticise that MS Dhoni should do something for defence forces, then he should have been given the uniform of the Territorial Army, I think he has now kept in front of the country, how serious he is about it and how he wants to serve his army and what is his thinking, so hats off to him," he said.