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By S Vikram | Jul 22, 2019 11:01 AM

Indian Cricket fans cannot forget Yuvraj Singh’s phenomenal confidence and world-class innings in 2011 World-Cup. He fought hard until the last moment and remained to be one of the key factors for India to lift the World Cup. Later, it was identified that he had cancer and it had its impact even when he played in the World Cup 2011.

Former Australian captain Ian Chappel suffers from skin cancer

Now, yet another former cricketer, captain of Australia and a 75-year-old star commentator, Ian Chappell is suffering from skin cancer, according to a report by News18. Ian Chappel is the elder brother of Indian Cricket Team’s former coach Greg Chappell. “We are very close and nothing absolutely has changed,” said Greg Chappell as reported by Mumbai Mirror.

"When you hit 70 you feel (vulnerable) anyhow, but I guess I've got so used to bloody skin cancers over the years, and the fact that none of them has been melanomas, probably provides a bit of comfort. It may be naivety on my part," Chappell was quoted as saying to The Daily Telegraph. Chappell also told that he had multiple skin cancers and every time he got rid of them. Therefore, he feels at the age of 70, he should move on and deal with it.

While the prestigious Ashes is set to begin from August 1, Ian Chappel says, “With the Ashes coming up now, I'll speak to Nine (Broadcaster) and just say, 'look, I'm ready to go if you need me”. Well, his intent seems to be high on life and he looks forward to carrying on with his career since he got used to the disease. Ian Chappell is the former Australian Captain who played 75 Tests between 1964 and 1980.