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By S Vikram | Nov 28, 2019 03:43 PM

Mahendra Singh Dhoni made a public appearance in Mumbai for the launch of a private watch company. During the event, Dhoni recollected two of the fond memories that he cherished in his cricketing career.

Dhoni talks about his favorite fan moments in cricket life

"There are two incidents I would like to mention over here. So after the 2007 (T20) World Cup, we came back to India and had an open bus ride and we were standing at the Marine Drive (in Mumbai). It was jam-packed all around and people had come out of their cars," TOI quoted Dhoni as saying.

Dhoni said that the fans were smiling at them amidst heavy traffic though they would have had some important commitment at that point of them. "So, I felt good after seeing the smile on everyone's face. Because, there could have been so many people in the crowd, who might have missed their flights, perhaps they were going for important work. The kind of reception, we got, the entire Marine Drive was full from one end to other."

The second moment Dhoni described was during the 2011 world cup final at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai. Dhoni recalled the fans chanting with total positive vibes when 15-20 runs were needed for the victory. "These are two moments, I think, it will be very difficult to replicate them. Those are the two moments that are very close to my heart," said Dhoni.

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