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By Nidharshana | May 18, 2020 02:45 PM

Bangladeshi Batsman, Shabbir Rahman on Friday, at Cricfrenzy Facebook Live, revealed that he had learnt his lesson after the T20 World Cup in 2016, when his wicket was taken by the veteran Indian Wicketkeeper Batsman, MS Dhoni. Shabbir further recollected the one condition that Dhoni had put forth, before loaning his bat, which has left fans emotional.

Dhoni: ‘Don’t Use My Bat Against India!’ revealed conversation

“Dhoni had stumped me during the T20 World Cup in Bangalore. He had a stumping chance in last year’s World Cup in England as well. This time, I slid back into the crease before him and told him, 'Not today!'” Sabbir revealed during the live. Dhoni’s stumping of Shabbir in the T20 World Cup, was a turning point for India. Shabbir was playing at 26 runs in 15 balls, when his wicket was claimed by India. Eventually, India went on to win that match by 1 run.

Shabbir Rahman went on and recalled that he had once asked Dhoni about the secret behind his sixes.

“(During the home series in 2015) I asked him (MS Dhoni) how you hit such big sixes. Whatever you hit becomes six, how. Tell me the secret of your bat. What is in your bat that we don’t have and as a result, our sixes don’t go as far as your ones. He told me that it’s just confidence. Besides, there is nothing in my bat. If I think that I’m going to be hitting sixes, then there will be 90 sixes out of 100. That is confidence,” Shabbir said.

“I had asked him to give his bat to me for the India match. Dhoni had said he could give me his bat but that I could not use it in the match against India. I could play against other teams with it,” he added. This clever condition that MSD had put forth, set a new standard for patriotism.

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