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By Vaishvedhidha | Sep 03, 2019 02:27 PM

The Indian Express reported a group of middle-aged Jamaican men gathered around drinks table talking about Indian cricketer Bumrah. They compared Bumrah to alcohol marvelling about his insane bowling skills. When Jamaicans love something, they compare it with cannabis and rum giving approval that they like it.

Bumrah and Rum - Fans Compare Cricketer with Alcohol, Headache, more

“Yeah man, they makin’ us drink more. You cant’ watch them without some rum. They givin’ us headache. This man Bumrah, he’s like rum, hits you fast,” said a 65-year-old man.

“I think he’s like Appleton, smooth, it’s like drinking juice, you won’t realise it until the head starts spinning,” said another talking about which brand of rum he is.

You think he’s harmless like your old fellas, but then he hits you. He’s got a lot of power, eh? He Indian? Is he human? He’s an Indian with a Jamaican soul," he further continues.

“He’s like Coruba, man. Very hard to drink even with juice. It’s worse than cough syrup. Three shots and you’re down. You wake up the next morning, you won’t realise what has happened,” the first man disagreed with the other saying he is like a local brand which is much harder to take.

“The headache never leaves you. The next three-four days, you won’t feel like drinking it again. Let me tell you, these boys wouldn’t want to face Bumrah again in their lifetime. He give them hangover they will never forget,” said the third man.

The women have a seperate fanbase for Bumrah, too. A shy young woman cricketer asked if he had any girlfriends.

“He’s always chill. Smiles at batsmen. Doesn’t sledge. Always walking without any tension. He’s like last-benchers in class, takes life easy, but tops the class. He’s very Caribbean,” said another as they concluded.