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By S Vikram | Aug 07, 2019 12:29 PM

Former Pakistan pace bowler, Shoaib Akthar was known for deadly yorkers and charismatic demeanour on the field. He remained as the key pleayer for paksitan cricket team during its early days. In a recent report, Shoaib Akthar has claimed the most important reason which could also be a biggest secret since Pakistan have never won against India in World Cup tournaments.

Akthar -pakistan could have won the 1999 and 2003 worldcups

Though India and Pakistan have clashed seven times in the Word Cup games, Pakistan have never won a single match. The complete domintion of India throughout the World tournaments has been a great achievement which can also be viewed in the angle of a mystery.

While a nation with different team, captain and players in successive World Cups defeats the subcontinent team every single time, the reason could be lack of understanding of the game or some sort of unidentified flaw. Well, only time can decode that mystery. But, Shoaib Akthar told that Pakistan "could have defeated India both in 1999 and 2003" World tournaments.

Shoaib Akthar shared the video revealing his "sad secret" via his twitter handle with the caption "It is important that we reflect on the past sometimes. Not a lot of people know about my sad secret about the ICC World Cup 2003 match between Pakistan and India. Watch my latest video on YouTube to find out the whole" (sic)

Reportedly, Akthar has been quoted as saying to a Youtube Channel that, "It was a bitter experience for me because we could have defeated India, both in 1999 and 2003, but we couldn't. Not to take the credit away from India who have played us exceeding well at the World Cups,". He also mentoned his “lack of fitness and poor captaincy of Waqar Younis” as the important factors for them to  lose the World Cup at that time.