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By Anumaggie | Jun 10, 2022 06:55 PM

The incident of a soldier becoming a mother to save a child trapped in borewell has melted many.

Indian Army officer feeds baby during duty; viral pic

Working in the military is not an easy task. Soldiers who have the duty to serve the public at all times are always to be commended. These soldiers, who work without looking at the time period, are always ready to run immediately and help if there is a disturbance to the public. In this situation, praise is heaped on the soldier who rushed the child trapped in borewell to the hospital.


Dudhapur is a village located in the Trangadra taluka of Gujarat. An 18-month-old boy named Sivam from the village had fallen into a deep well set up here. The army camp has been informed about this as the parents are distraught.

Following this, an ambulance rushed to the village of Dudapur from an army camp about 20 km away. Meanwhile, the soldiers are preparing to take the baby to the hospital once the baby is safely rescued.

Emotional Soldier

Following this, an ambulance rushed to the hospital in Tirangatra to seat the soldier holding the baby in his arms. When the ambulance arrives, the soldier holds the baby in his arms and feeds it, like a mother.

After that, Siva was admitted to the District Civil Hospital for further treatment and doctors said he was now fine. The villagers thanked the army officer for helping to get the child to the hospital in a timely manner.

Indian Army Officer Feeds Baby During Duty


Meanwhile, Minister Harsh Sangvi lauded the soldier who tried to act like a mother to save a boy who fell into a deep well. On his official Twitter page, he noted, "Emotion and duty go hand in hand. Salute to the Indian Army."

He also posted a photo of the soldier. Thus netizens have been praising him. Meanwhile, the minister's tweet is currently going viral.

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