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By Sushmetha | Jun 10, 2022 04:23 PM

Researchers have now discovered a city in England that sank 650 years ago at sea.

Britain lost town discovered after more than 650 years

In ancient times there were numerous cities along the coast and on the banks of rivers. Many of these cities were devastated by the raging waters of the sea and rivers. Research into cities submerged in the sea is being carried out around the world. Researchers have found that the oldest city in the UK is still submerged in the sea. People who initially thought of the city as a myth are now speechless.

City submerged in the sea

Ravenser Odd is one of the most famous cities in ancient England. The famous writer Shakespeare mentions this city, which was rich as a fort and port, in many places. The city sank in 1362 due to a fury at sea. The city has also been a haven for fishing boats and cargo ships.

Britain lost town discovered after more than 650 years

Analysts had predicted that the city, known as Atlantis in Yorkshire, would be about a mile under the sea. However, researchers have now confirmed that the city's rocks are only a few meters below sea level.


Only when the current situation in the city, which is believed to have been submerged under the sea, was lowered did the researchers discover the presence of rocks and boulders a few meters below sea level. Investigators are currently working to find the fort's fortified walls, which are said to be located here.

Britain lost town discovered after more than 650 years

Dan Parsons, a professor of geography at Hull University, is leading the research. He said, "It has fascinated us. It has created excitement. The exact location of this medieval city has yet to be determined."


Researchers say the discovery could be a milestone in the history of Europe as a whole. Phil Mathison, who has been exploring the city for 25 years, says, "Discovering it after a long time will be the highlight of my life. I was amazed when I saw the rocks."

Britain lost town discovered after more than 650 years

Researchers say research into the city will answer many long-standing questions. Meanwhile, the discovery of a city that sank 650 years ago under the sea is now spreading virally across the UK.

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