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By Sushmetha | May 16, 2022 02:51 PM

An certain group of people living in Andhra Pradesh have been following the custom of marrying a  woman 3 times for many years.

Andhra Tribal Peoples conduct 3 marriages for women

Most of the people living on the Andhra-Odisha border are from the Malis tribe. They have been following a strange culture for a long time. These people are getting married three times to the women here. Women get married three times before they reach the age of 5, when they reach puberty and then when they reach the age of marriage.

Andhra Tribal Peoples conduct 3 marriages for women

People of this tribe perform their first marriage to their daughters before the age of 5 years. There will be no one in it as the groom. The villagers celebrate the festival by performing rituals such as weddings. Similarly, the wedding ceremony takes place in the same way that women do after puberty.

Finally, when women reach the age of marriage, as usual, these people look for a young man and marry him. These people have given women complete freedom to choose their partners.

These tribal people consider it their culture to celebrate girls. These people, who are very happy when girls are born, gather in the town and show interest in hosting a similar event for their daughters. For women from underprivileged families, getting married and living together is known as a testament to their commitment.

Andhra Tribal Peoples conduct 3 marriages for women

The villagers, who do not approve of child marriages, continue to perform these marriages without giving up their perennial culture, but women formally marry only after reaching the age of marriage.

Before these people who have a habit of respecting women and their decisions see a groom for a woman who has reached the age of marriage, does he fall in love? They also learn by listening. Maybe if the woman wants someone they will marry him too. If not, Uray finds the right groom for the woman and marries her.

Andhra Tribal Peoples conduct 3 marriages for women

These people, who claim to be following in the footsteps of their ancestors, have surprised many by marrying a girl child to celebrate their marriage.

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