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By S Vikram | Sep 04, 2019 03:10 PM

An unhappy woman in Bhopal sought divorce at the local family court since her husband was extremely involved in UPSC exam preparations. The woman further claimed that her husband spends all his days preparing for the exams and he doesn't spend time with her.

Wife seek divorce,husband studies for UPSC exams in Bhopal

The bizarre incident happened to the family living in Katara Hills area of the city. As per Indiatimes, the marriage counsellor dealing the issue was informed with multiple allegations by the woman against her husband. She had claimed that her husband was completely lost in studies and he doesn't even speak to her, thus preferring only studies all the time.

The woman was utterly disappointed with her married life after her husband refused to go out with her for shopping, movies etc, though she insisted on it several times. The counsellor had to call the woman's husband for his take on the allegations and he had said that cracking UPSC exam was his childhood dream, therefore, he had dedicated his time for the exam preparations.

However, the husband did not raise any complaint against his wife. The decision of the woman to end her married life only because her husband concentrates more on studies has opened up to many interpretations such as the height of boredom, getting trapped in the restless mind, inability to spend time with the love of life and so on.

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