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By Nidharshana | Aug 20, 2020 02:23 PM

The Supreme Court on Wednesday, declared its verdict regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s death probe. The Central Bureau of Investigation was instructed to take over the case, and the court also dismissed any state’s police force from intervening in the probe.

Sushant case rhea double face advocate slams cbi probe

Post the hearing, advocate Vikas Singh who represents Sushant’s Father KK Singh in court, slammed accusations on Rhea Chakraborty. He said that she was showing her ‘double face’ as that she is currently ‘face saving’.

Zoom TV interviewed Vikas Singh who said, “Rhea Chakraborty has shown her double face at every given point in this case. Her lawyer not even once mentioned in the entire hearing that he would want this case transferred to CBI. He argued till the end that we want Mumbai Police only to investigate the case but now that she’s lost, she’s doing face-saving. She just keeps proving that all the allegations against her are true.”

Previously the Patna Police force began its own investigation as an FIR was filed in Bihar. However, Rhea Chakraborty in turn filed a case which asked for the probe to be transferred to the Mumbai Police. On July 25, KK Singh filed an FIR against Rhea for abetment to suicide and misappropriation of funds, among the other things.

“Since the court has transferred the investigation to CBI invoking its powers under Article 142 of the Constitution of India, she will appear and face the investigation by the CBI as she has done earlier with the Mumbai Police and the Enforcement Directorate. Rhea maintains that the truth will remain the same whichever agency investigates the case,” he said.

On Wednesday, the court said that the case must be probed into in a ‘fair, competent, and impartial’ manner as it would be a ‘measure of justice’ for Sushant’s father who lost his only son. “For the petitioner too, it will be the desired justice as she herself called for a CBI investigation. The dissemination of the real facts through unbiased investigation would certainly result in justice for the innocents, who might be the target of vilification campaign,” the court’s order added.

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