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By Saradha | Aug 28, 2020 12:50 PM

Actor Rhea Chakraborty who has been the target for various allegations in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. She spoke to various media channels on Thursday. She countered to all the allegations. She also stated that a witch- hunt is on and people have been questioning her “aukat”. 

Rhea Chakraborty opens up to media about Sushant Singh Rajput death

"My aukat is Sushant Singh Rajput loved me," Rhea Chakraborty stated and also added that the she did not isolate him from his family.

Here are the highlights of Rhea Chakraborty's interview:

-She stated that it was painful for her to be going through this loss. She said she loved his son and looked after him. She urged Sushant's father to have humanity. 

-While talking about her family, she said they are at the centre of allegations and it is becoming difficult for her and her entire family to deal with the scrutiny.  “There's a mob outside my gate. What are you doing to my family? Why can't you wait for results to come? We have faith in the system. That is why we are alive, else would have committed suicide. My father served in the army for 25 years and this is what is happening to him.”

-“I am broken and am trying to find strength. The reason we are alive is because I am telling the truth. It is unfair and unjust. The whole nation believes things they believe based on absurd news,” the actor shared while talking about fake news.

-She responded to the drug cartel accusation and stated that she has never spoken to a dealer or taken drugs in her life. She said she is open to taking a blood test. She also confirmed that Sushant used to smoke marijuana and she tried her best to control him.

-She responded to the theories that have surfaced in the financial angle. She said, “the allegations are completely baseless. I never took a single rupee from him. I am being probed by the Enforcement Directorate. Sushant's bank statements are in public domain. We had a company where we were equal partners.”

-When she was questioned about isolating Sushant from his family, she said, “I was not isolating Sushant from his family. He went to Chandigarh to meet his sister's family. They met him in Bandra and sat smiling in a cafe. Why did his brother-in-law message a cop asking him "whack" me? Why did you let him come back from Chandigarh if you think I was isolating him.”

-“Mumbai Police were extremely harsh; ED was harsh and so will be CBI. I want the truth to come out but not by targeting me. As much as I want to know the truth, why is no one talking about his sister Meetu who was with him that week? If he was unwell, why did she leave?” the actress told NDTV while talking about the investigation. 

-The actor was also deeply distressed by the WhatsApp chats that are out there in the public eye. She spoke up against her friends’ numbers being flashed on TV and one-sided narratives destroying her family.

-She also stated that she had told the actor’s family about Sushant's depression and she stated that they still decided to leave him.

-“I still cannot believe it. He was absolutely the best guy and the most beautiful person I have ever met. He wanted to do charity.  He was the greatest boyfriend ever. He looked after me. He always advised me. I was proud of him, of how much he has achieved coming from a small town. We bonded over this. Since I am also an outsider and have grown up all across India. Our relationship was like a movie, like a fairy tale. But yes, we had problems,” she said while talking about being an outsider and the difficulties Sushant faced. 

-The actor also spoke about their breakup. “Honestly, even in January 2020, he had asked me to leave. His explanation was he was moving to Patna. Then he asked me to come back and I did. in June, he was planning to move to Coorg. This time as well I thought he will call me back. He messaged but did not ask me to come back. I was upset. So, I blocked him. I was completely broken. He texted my brother but there was no message of wanting me back. It was rare. He would always want me back. Then his sister was there with him. I thought they will be comfortable without me. I felt maybe he did not want me.”

-The actor confirmed that sushant was in touch with his family throughout the Euro Trip. “He got in touch with his father from Italy and Vienna. I had told them in November about medications and doctors. But they left in the middle of the night. We had a troubled relation when his sister tried to grope me in the middle of the night. I wanted him to be with his family because it was a big issue,” Rhea added.

-The actor also opened up about the day Sushant died: “I heard from a common friend that a rumour is going around. If you are with him, ask him to put out a statement, I was told by the friend. Then I felt something was wrong. Then it was confirmed and I was completely shattered, broken. The love of my life has been taken away from me. The only strength I get is from the fact I am speaking the truth and that Sushant is somewhere around overlooking and giving me the strength to bring out the truth.”

-The actor saying “Sorry Babu” had become an issue earlier. She retaliated to it. She said, “What would you say to someone who has lost his life? I am sorry you lost your life. I am sorry. What else do you say? It is basic human courtesy. Shweta (his sister) also put a post "I am sorry babu" but has taken down. Why is no one questioning that?”

-What led to the actor’s depression has been a question that has been brought up constantly. While talking about Sushant’s depression, Rhea said Bollywood is a difficult industry. There are perks but downfalls at the same time and certain things affected Sushant. She added that Sushant was especially bothered due to the MeToo allegations which was later cleared up. She stated that he is not the kind of guy and is a very respectful person. He also had doubts about his co-star Sanjana Sanghi since she did not clear up the accusation immediately. Sushant was of the view that there is a larger nexus by Rohini Iyer at play. “Not being nominated for awards even though his films made money and him being a great performer. He felt what is the point if no one is taking note. He was worried and scared of Sanjana Sanghi before the promotions began. Today I understand how it can be affect people. I feel the MeToo allegations are what started the pressure on him. He believed someone was behind it. He used to refer to people as "them". Don't know who they are. He believed someone is behind Sanjana Sanghi,” she said.

-Rhea responded to Ankita’s comments and said that Ankita was not a part of Sushant’s life for around four years. “Do people not see through her lies? Even with Ankita, she did love him at some time, she should have reached out to me and understand what I am going through. What if this was happening to you? Would you still be a part of the witch-hunt?” Rhea questioned.

-While talking about Sushant’s treatment she said that he had top- notch doctors. They gave him prescriptions but according to Rhea, Sushant stopped taking those medicines in January. “If I was controlling him, why would I let him stop taking the medicines? Poison him? It is the most pathetic allegation,” Rhea stated.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide at his Bandra residence on June 14.

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