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By Dharani | Aug 02, 2019 09:28 PM

In a Bizarre Incident, a thief from Kerala has written a letter to the owner of a house he sneaked into requesting for gold and money.

\'Next Time Keep Money, Gold for Me\' thief writes to owner!

The thief, identified as ‘Motta’ Jose, had been in jail earlier and was released two weeks ago. However, a few days ago, the police received information that Jose was allegedly behind the theft of 50 sovereigns of gold from a house in Paravoor of Kollam District.

On Moday, the police were in hunt for Jose in that area when they noticed a usually locked house open. A man was inside the house and on seeing the police he escaped. When the police inspected the house, they found a letter in Malayalam which read, “The next time you leave your house, keep money and gold for me. Otherwise, I will break in here again. You can lock the house, you can lock the door.”

The house also seemed like it has been inhabited by somebody for the past few days. Fingerprints from the house later revealed that the suspect to be Jose.

On Thursday, Jose was nabbed by the residents of the area and handed over to police. He was booked under sections 457 (Lurking house-trespass or house-breaking by night in order to commit offence), 461 (Dishonestly breaking open receptacle containing property) and 380 (Theft in Dwelling house). The police also recovered the missing 50 sovereigns from him.