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By S Vikram | Jul 31, 2019 04:40 PM

A few days ago Chennai’s Pachaiyapa’s college students were involved in intense rowdyism in a government bus with deadly weapons. A total of 7 students were arrested and later more than 70 “Route Thalais” were identified by TamilNadu police and they were asked to take an oath for not committing such threatening acts in future.

Woman in Kerala was seen threatening driver and conductor

While the Pachaiyappa’s incident is still fresh among the people, a common woman from Kerala was seen taking over the charge of driver and conductor since the bus had not halted at her stop. In the video, she is seen sitting on top of the driver’s cabin and commanding the driver to turn the bus back. According to Puthiya Thalaimurai, the woman became outraged since the conductor failed to blow the whistle at her stop.

Reportedly the incident happened in a private bus that operates from Kerala’s Alappuzha to  Malayalapuzha village. The video shows the woman threatening the driver besides interrupting him to stop the bus. While the conductor tries to calm her down, she throws verbal abuse at him. The passengers were stunned and equally alarmed as the bus driver and conductor.

The sources are yet to reveal the identity of the woman who was involved in such a hateful act. However the woman in the video did not use any weapons or involve in physical assault and, further investigation is anticipated to know the original intention of the woman and to confirm her claim of not halting the bus at her stop.